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    D3010WYK behavior on power loss


      I have a couple d3010wyk boards running windows 7 x86 connected to UPS power supplies. When AC power is disconnected, the UPS shuts down the computer then disconnects power from the computer. At this point, if I have set the behavior on power loss in the Bios to be Power On after power is restored, when power is restored the computer flashes it's power led and then does nothing. If I change that setting to Stay OFF after power is restored, when power is restored it goes through POST and boots up.

      My desired behavoir is for the unit to boot up when power is restored, and I guess I could just deploy these units with the setting Stay off after power is restored, but that just doesn't sit well with me since It seems that this setting is backward. Maybe I just don't understand the setting. Can someone help figure out what is going on here?