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    Change IRQ on motherboard BH85DL


      Hello, I bought a motherboard (BH85DL) two months ago and I want to make hardware virtualization. Unfortunately, I shared with my USB and PCI IRQ. There is no conflict but to transfer the PCI to my virtual machine, it should not be shared (Virutalbox (linux) and Xen (linux)).

      I installed windows to change the IRQ time but there is no conflict, I can not change: x




         How can I change the IRQ of the USB for transferring my PCI in my virtual machine?

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          Hello Ronron, I would need to inform you that IRQ settings cannot be changed in the system BIO, IRQ's are designated by the operating system.

          In the BIOS you may set IRQ priority; however, the operating system will override the BIOS settings and reset the IRQ's.

          If you wish to assign the IRQ's manually, we would recommend contacting the Operating System Developer for assistance.

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            Thank you, sylvia for your quick response.

            In fact, I do not have a conflict between my video aquisition card and my USB port (they are shared IRQ). I wanted to move the IRQ of my USB port on my motherboard intel card to a number more top 5 or 6. I'm afraid if I move the IRQ of my card aquistion, my software does not work .

            The aim here is to virtualize a production unit by the VT-d (hardware virtualization).

            I am under linux, you can can I move the USB IRQ? And like to do? : p