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    H97 for Windows Server 2012


      Built a box with H97 chipset and was planning on using it as a server.


      Windows Server 2012 does not seem to recognize this chipset, and the on-board LAN adapter is not recognized. So crazy in 2014 what it feels like to have a "disconnected" machine. There seems to be no drivers out there except for Windows 7 and 8. What are the plans on developing Windows Server 2012 +/- r2 drivers for this chipset? Should it be recognized straight out of the box by Windows Server 2012? If so, then I guess I bought a brick. But there's really nothing out there that can help me figure this out.


      I know I can ultimately just get a USB network adapter, but this is obviously a work around. I would rather figure out how to get the motherboard to work as is.


      I hope someone can help.


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          Hello  Pas80, thanks for contacting us through the Intel Communities.

          Please bear in mind that you a desktop chipset and there are not drivers available for server operating system.

          Also, in case you need drivers for your desktop, it will be necessary to contact the system manufacture.