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    MYSYS25 switch replacement


      Hell, switch in our Intel modular server mysys25 started failing. All servers lost connectivity and we have to pull switch out and put it back in everytime. We ordered new switch, but when we put it in the chasis the foloving error appears: Fault Indication: ESM 2 Fault LED On . We tried to connect to new switch via Serial port, but that doesnt work either. Any suggestions? The firmware on the blade is the latest. I assume the problem is in mismatching firmware, but how to update firmware on the switch if I cant access it? Thanks for your help.

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          You may be able to automatically update the firmware on the switch.  If you get an error about ESM 2, it may be seeing the new switch in slot #2 instead of slot #1.  Put just the new switch into slot #1, nothing in slot #2, and monitor the progress on the Firmware screen in the GUI.  If there is any error, let us know here.

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            I am also having original switch that is failing. Purchase a replacement switch but don't know how to replace the old switch with the new one. Took out the original switch and plugged in the new switch but not see any configuration options at all. Would someone be able to help.

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              If putting the new switch into slot #1, with nothing in slot #2, does not yet work as previously recommended, please, let us know the exact error you get.

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                placing the new switch in slot #1 within nothing in slot #2 shows status in Switch in #1 slot as "Unmanageable". Keeping old switch in slot #1 alone means having to remove/re-insert very often to keep the switching going. Keeping old switch in slot #1 and new switch in slot #2 mean having to remove/re-insert old switch LESS often but the issue is still there.




                If plugging in new switch to slot #1 with nothing in slot #2 does not work, is it possible to copy the settings from old switch to new switch? Is it possible to activate the Intel Modular Server Advanced Mgt Pack in trial mode to copy the config from old switch to new switch? Or is there a way to config new switch from scratch?


                Any help would be appreciated.

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                  Below is the image of the new switch in slot 1. When the old switch is in slot 1 and the new switch is in slot 2 then both have OK status. The new switch is failing often now so any help would be appreciated.

                  new SWW in slot 1.JPG

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                    The switch should be able to synchronize the firmware with the version is installed in the system. Would it be possible to remove both, the CMM and the new Switch in slot 1, and then insert the CMM, and once the Modular Server Control loads insert the Switch?


                    If the issue remains, I would suggest contacting our Intel Customer Support team for proper follow up.

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                      Any solutions to this? Same problem here.