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    Strange warning message about Rapid Storage Technology


      About 5-10 minutes after Windows is loaded, there's a message showing up in Taskbar, that reads "Your system is reporting one or more events and data may be at risk".

      When i click on it, the Intel Rapid Storage Technology application opens, where in "Status" section is written:


      Your system ir reporting one or more events, and data may be at risk.

      Your system is configured to enable advanced SATA features for optimal power management and increased storage performance.

      Refer to the details below for more information.


      I cannot see more information, I checked Event logs also, but can't find anything unusual.

      I have ASUS Z97M-Plus and Samsung 840 EVO 256 GB drive and enabled RAPID mode.


      Why I keep receiving this message? Should i be concerned? Thanks!



      Windows 8.1, all latest updates.

      ASUS Z97-M Plus, latest drivers, BIOS updated to latest revision.

      Intel chipset & Intel Storage, latest drivers from intel.com

      Samsung EVO 840, 256GB

      Processor Intel Core i7-4790