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    HD 4000 Graphics Issue


      I own a Toshiba p875-s7102 Windows 8 laptop. I recently updated my HD 4000 graphics driver to the most recent one ( for my OS. I immediately went into Control Panel>Programs and Features and saw this: (see below)

      Basically it's not displaying the version numbers or dates installed on any programs. I have not installed any other programs.  I tried rolling back to the previous driver in Device Manager, but it wouldn't let me, so I just went back to the Intel download center and installed the previous driver, but the view didn't change.  I reinstalled the newer driver, and the view didn't change.  No other folder views in Windows Explorer have changed. I am not updating to Windows 8.1.  This has never happened before.Programs and Features view.PNG

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          Hi HAL9000, I see that you have the following columns titles on top: Name, Date modified, Type, Size.

          It seems you are missing Publisher, Installed On, Version. You just need to right click on any of the column titles and enable the desired options.

          This is rare since "no 9000 computer has ever made a mistake or distorted information. They are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error".

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            I'm sorry Joe but I can't accept your answer....j/k

            Actually this issue resolved itself-I don't know why but everything is filled in now.  How important is it that these Intel drivers are the "generic" drivers and not Toshiba approved (or whatever the term is)?  I update the Intel drivers all of the time from the download center and usually don't have a problem.  If I waited for Toshiba to update most of these drivers...well they just don't ever do it.  I have to run DriverMax to find out if the drivers are outdated (although sometimes Drivermax will list drivers that don't work).

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              The drivers provided by the system manufacturer are sometimes specifically designed for a particular system model. However, you can continue using Intel generic drivers if they work normally with your system, including the “pod bay doors”. Here it is the link for the Intel® Driver Update Utility, in case it is needed.