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    about processor clock


                                                             hey guys i have this laptop with c2d p8700 2.53ghz.when i run in high performance mode or with power management off cpu-z and intel processor id utility correctly show my clock speed as 2.53ghz.in power saver mode (speed step technology enabled)cpu-z shows my clock speed as 1500+mhz(multiplier-6.5 fsb-1066).but in intel processor id utility my cpu clock is 0.79ghz(fsb-460+).i cant understand why this happens.please help me

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          The Processor ID Utility and the CPU-Z Utility use different speed measurement algorithms and methodologies. CPU-Z  is designed to show you what your system is doing in real-time. Processor ID is designed to help catch fraudulent product. In order to do this, the Processor ID Utility runs the system at full speed while gathering system data. Advanced power saving modes can prevent the system from reaching full speed, resulting in unexpected speed results.


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