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    DX58SO will not boot with RAM in Channel B slot & BIOS Issues


      When a RAM module is installed in the middle slot (Channel B) the board doesn't even POST.


      It will boot with one module in Channel A and C or one in A or one in C, but anytime there is a module in Channel B the board does not boot. Doesn't matter which of my 3 RAM modules I use, it always fails, and they always boot up fine as long as Channel B is empty.


      I can't upgrade to the latest BIOS either, anytime I try I get a CMOS Checksum error and the update fails. I was able to update from the original BIOS  to the November release by doing it in recovery mode, but I cannot get it to update to the latest version via Bootable ISO or from within Windows.


      It also appears that the link to the recovery BIOS is not the same BIOS as the latest release, despite the fact that they are on the same page. Once updated the BIOS version is: SOX5810J.86A.2786.2008.1112.1500


      The latest BIOS is: SOX5810J.86A.4196.2009.0715.1958


      Why would the recovery BIOS on the page for the July BIOS revision actually end up being the November BIOS revision?


      Do I have to RMA it or is there a work around?