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    Installing Python Package "ouimeaux" on Galileo




      I want to install a python package/library "ouimeaux" link - > iancmcc/ouimeaux · GitHub on the galileo board and then run a python script which uses this package to control the belkin WeMo wifi plug. I'm really new to all this stuff but as a part of my final year project i have to do it. Documentation of this library is here http://ouimeaux.readthedocs.org/en/latest/


      I'm booting my galileo from the sd card running a big default linux image provided by intel. I can access the linux terminal using the serial cable and I'm using TeraTerm linux terminal emulator to access the linux on the galileo board.


      Can somebody please guide me how to do it? Please guide me as i'm totally lost and cannot find any help.


      Thanks a Lot.