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    Is Galileo VIN pin connected to 5V external power? How much current can it draw?




      I have my Galileo powered via the 5V wall adapter.  The jumper on the 5V-VIN pins is set (default). 


      I know the 5V and 3.3V pins can only draw 800mA of current.


      A couple of questions:


      1. Is the VIN pin drawing power directly from the 5V wall adapter?  (Recall - my 5V-VIN pin is set)
      2. If I want to power a servo, can I power it via the VIN pin (ie treat it like a VOUT pin)?  Or do you suggest only drawing power from the 5V (limited to 800mA)?
      3. If (1) == true, is the VIN pin current draw limited by what the wall adapter can handle (on my adapter it says 5V 2A)?  Or is there another limitation?
      4. If (1) == false, what is the max current draw for the VIN pin?
      5. If I can do (2), does current draw from the VIN pin affect the max current draw from 5V / 3.3V?