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    Adaptive brightness control not working correctly on HD4000 with driver newer than (Windows 8/8.1)




      I've got a Sony Vaio SVS13A1C5E laptop which I bought mid 2012. It has a brightness sensor which works well with any HD4000 driver older than (which is apparently the last version where it works correctly). On any newer version the brightness either drops down to ~40% every few seconds or (with the most recent version from Intel's website) you're not able to change the base value, that is to say the driver seems to have a kind of table, where it has a firm mapping of brightness sensor value and screen brightness setting (unusable in daily use). I already told Sony Support about this issue, but the only thing they did was deleting the newer driver from all their websites without substitution.

      I'm currently running Windows 8.1 Pro and the adaptive brightness control can only be set up via Vaio Control Center and not via Windows Settings.

      Is there any possibility for getting it working correctly with new drivers?


      Thanks in advance and kind regards