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    No sound after waking up from hibernation with Intel Rapid Start


      Hi there!



      I've got a problem with Intel Rapid Start.



      When the computer wakes from hibernation (S4 state), the built in speakers does not work anymore. The sound device seems to be working properly, because if I plugin an earphone, I can hear sound playing perfectly, but no sound if I unplug the earphone. If I reboot the system, the sound plays fine in the built-in speakers until next reboot.



      I have already tried:



      - Microsoft sound troubleshooter: did not detect any issues

      - updating all device drivers (not only sound, but all third party devices and its drivers) to its latest version

      - plugging in and out an earphone to see if it comes back

      - disabling and enabling sound devices in the device manager

      - disabling and enabling built-in speakers in the device manager



      If the system goes to suspension only (S3), the problem does not occur, only in hibernation (S4).



      I reached out support staff both at Microsoft and Asus and we have gone trough all possibilities and when disabling and/or uninstalling Intel Rapid Start, the problem does not occur anymore, and the sound works fine when comming back from both suspension and hibernation.



      Do you have a clue on what should I do to fix this issue??



      Thanks a lot!