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    igdkmd64.sys system crash on close lid or standby




      I been having some major issues with my new laptop which is a Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 laptop. Now this all started from doing one update from windows update and that was a update for my graphics card which is: Intel HD Graphics 4400 Driver. The only time the system crash happens is when I close the lid or the computer goes on standby (blacks out), then it goes through the process of starting up again like you were to restart. I tried everything. I did factory restore twice, uninstalled my Intel HD Graphics 4400 Driver and AMD twice but no success, still same issue. I went through some of these process with Dell support and the only option they suggested was to replace the motherboard which they thought could be hardware issue which is annoying or replace for a new laptop, which I did. But problem is I'm still having the same issue with my new laptop as I type this out. I have already arrange a date for one of Dell's technician to drop by on Friday to solve my problem by replacing my motherboard with a refurbished one which I'm not happy about as I do not want a used one with a new laptop, but hey I got no choice unless I get my money back which I might do if all fails.


      So, pretty much sums it up. I've tried making a forum on dell website but no good answers, same for Microsoft support community. This is pretty much my last stop in looking for alterative fixes, so please help me, I'll really appreciate it.