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    INTEL NUC D54250WYKH not booting


      Hello Community,

      I just bought an Intel NUC D54250WYKH and a D34010WYKH kit. I use Memory Crucial 4GB CT51264BF160BJ and Sandisk 128GB SSD. When I turn on the computer there is no output to the screen. It does not boot or no BIOS on the screen. (Using HDMI TV)


      Anyone could help?



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          Hi Mercurytyphoon,


          I am sorry you are having problems with this product but let me help you and together we will get the solution.

          There are some troubleshooting steps I want you to try:

          1. What happens when you connect the system? Do you see lights on the NUC?
          2. Is this happening with both NUCs?
          3. Test components from one NUC into the other.
          4. Try setting a low resolution on the TV for testing purposes.
          5. Test different cables if possible.


          Let me know.