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    upgrading AXX6DRV3G firmware from an S3210SHLC


      We recently discovered that we are unable to update the AXX6DRV3G firmware from an S3210SHLC motherboard, per Intel.  We tried several potential workarounds posted here on the forums, including performing the update from DOS, EFI, trying an update to version 2.05 first, etc. - all with no success.  Now our mainboard BIOS is reporting a firmware version of 0 on the cage, so I assume it is toast and needs to be RMAd.


      This is very concerning to me, as there may be critical firmware updates needed that we will not be able to load onto our servers.


      Even more concerning is that these cages are coming in direct from my Intel-authorized distributor with firmware 2.02 - dated 10/2006!  While the latest is 2.11, released only a month ago.  The date code on the box is 3/27/09.  Why are these coming in with such an old firmware version?


      In my opinion this is not acceptable, as these cages are going into critical production servers where stability is incredibly important.  We verify compatibility of all components with Intel, so issues like this should not occur.  We should not have to purchase a 5000 series motherboard/CPU/RAM just to perform out of box firmware updates on these cages.


      Are there any plans to support firmware updates using the S3210SHLC in the future, possibly via a BIOS update to the mainboard?


      Are there any supported solutions to this problem?  Any workarounds?


      Does the same problem exist with the AXX6DRV3GEXP cage?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Kremlar,


          I thought my unit was going to become a doorstop.  Really read through the posts http://communities.intel.com/message/21287#21287 and http://communities.intel.com/thread/4597, I have at least 50 hours of testing and retesting with Aryan.   You will see I documented everthing except the color of the shirt I was wearing.  You will also see what didn't work, (Skip those).   I would disconect the IPMB cable and then verify the mobo bios is up to date or even do a reinstall of the bios.   Power off (I mean uplug from the wall) Reconect the IPMB cable and see if it doesn't come back to 2.02.  I had the same issue with the F/W ver not showing up too, but after I powered the sytem down and disconected the a/c to the power supply for 10 -15 seconds or more to let the caps to discharge, it came back on boot.   My experience has been the AXX6DRV3GEXP units are fairly bullet proof as far as f/w upgrades, you don't want to know the things I did that I didn't post.  The AXX6DRV3G is actually a simpler design than the AXX6DRV3GEXP.   It could even be an intermitent  IPMB cable.  Leave no stone unturned.  Give us as much information as you possible can about, your configs, your errors, etc...  the more you give us the more likely we  can help.

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            I did this upgrade a week ago. The problem is the firmware upgrade utility itself - just use latest 2.11 package and use to flash the cage  the .efi version of the FW utility from the BIOS/BMC/FW package of the S3200SH and then it works.


            Good luck,