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    No display on second monitor


      I built a custom PC in March using an Asus E8448 H81M-PLUS motherboard with an intel i5 processor and intel hd 4600 graphics. The only issue I've had is that I cannot get the second display working via HDMI. I have my monitor connected via VGA and my Sony TV connected via HDMI and all I get is a blank screen. I can get another monitor working with my new computer so the hdmi port is working fine for dual monitors but just not with my TV. I've literally altered and looked at every setting I can think of. The only potential problem I see is that my TV is 720p while my monitor is 1080p but I didn't think that mattered. The TV did work fine on my old computer.

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          Hello IceDarkness, I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your system when trying to use a 2nd monitor.

          My suggestions will be:

          • Check if you are using the latest Intel Graphics available version 3621. Download Center    
          • Have you tried using only the TV? Are you getting video when using it as a single display?
          • You can try doing a firmware update on the TV. Also you can check if there are drivers that need to be installed.
          • Then, if the behavior persisted it could by a compatibility issue between the TV and the computer.
          • Try checking with ASUS if they have tried a similar component.    
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            Yeah, I'm using the latest intel drivers.


            Yeah, I tried that too. It won't display anything on the TV.


            My TV doesn't have firmware that you can update.


            My computer does recognize my TV when it's connected which indicates something is going wrong with the signal getting to the TV. I still think it's some kind of driver issue.

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              We have OEM systems which are using the latest graphics drivers and we are not experiencing this behavior.

              I would recommend you testing the TV with another HDMI cable. 


              Check with Asus if there is something that needs to be enable on BIOS, or may be a BIOS updated is needed.

              There could be a possibility that your HDMI port is defective, and you would need to replace the motherboard.

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                @ IceDarkness, Do you see the TV as a display in the Windows Display settings? If you press the Windows + P key does the TV appear in the list? Also, what model is the TV?




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                  Hey, sorry for the late reply. The TV model is: Sony KDL32S3000.


                  The TV is listed in the Windows Display Settings. It connects to Windows just fine.


                  I updated my bios, same issue. I tried different HDMI cables, same issue. The HDMI port does work on another monitor, just not the TV.

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                    @ Mick, The Sony KDL32s3000 supports 1366x768 resolution. Could you try setting the output to the TV as Extended Desktop at 1366x768?






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                      Well, the resolution defaults to 1360 x 768 which is what it says as recommended. I tried higher and lower resolutions. Same problem.