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    D54250WYK dual monitor won't boot up


      Hi all,


      I've just set up my NUC with the following:

      Bios version: 0026

      Intel OEM 525 240GB mSata ssd

      Kingston 8GB soDimm

      Windows 7 Pro

      Monitor 1: Dell U2412M (set as primary monitor in Bios), connected with Startech mini dp to dp cable. Native resolution is 1920 x 1200 px

      Monitor 2: Samsung 226BW (set as secondary monitor in Bios), connected with Startech mini hdmi to dvi cable. Native resolution is 1680 x 1050 px

      Both monitors support 1024x768 px according to their specs.

      If more info is needed, let me know and i can provide that.


      Problem is that the NUC does not boot when connected to the two monitors: monitors seem to receive some signal (= neither complain that no signal is received), but display nothing. Only remedy is to push the power button again to switch off the NUC, disconnect one monitor, push power button (it mentions an incomplete Post) and it boots fine and i can hook up the second monitor after booting without any problems.

      I've seen some other people here having similar problems, but unfortunatly it doesn't solve my issue.


      Anyone have ideas/resolutions to fix this? Thanks.