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    Update Bios Emerald Lake


      Oi, Pessoal da Intel, eu possuo um notebook com processador i3 e 6 gigas de ram (DDR3), chipset sandy, e não consigo fazer a VT-X

      Já dei uma boa pesquisada nos forums da vida e não consigo encontrar uma atualização para minha Bios, ativando essa opção ou liberando todos os recursos nela..

      No site da Phoenix, ele me remete a outro programa cobrando 80 reais para essa atualização...  Já liguei pro suporte do meu fabricando e nada do donwload do mesmo..

      Precisava de uma luz, ou algo que me levasse a uma pesquisa...


      .Segue mais detalhes sobre o que tenho em maos.

      Model : Emerald Lake Fab1

      Chipset Intel Sandy Bridge

      Southbridge Intel HM56

      Bios Phoenix Technologies

      Version 1.05



      PS. quando atualizo o driver  HD 3000 para o mais recente no site da intel , meu windows 8.1 buga.


      Abraços !

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          Hi thalesdp13,


          I understand you are having problems to enable the virtualization feature in your system. Portuguese is not my native language although I understand a bit so I will do my best to help you.


          It is important to say that in order to have the virtualization technology enabled your system must comply with certain requirements:


          1. The processor must support Virtualization.
          2. The motherboard must support virtualization and have the option to enable it at the BIOS level.


          We as Intel® provide the hardware to the Computer Manufacture and they will design and create their own systems setting limitations that we cannot over pass or remove. Therefore I can confirm that most of our processors do support virtualization but I am not totally sure if your motherboard supports the feature.


          You can check your processor specifications at this link:


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            Thanks for responding Kelvin

            Since Portuguese is a problem, try to speak in English.

            the virtualization event happens, but in x82.

            my bios is not phoenix 1.05_ enables to choose whether I want to connect the vtx.

            I entered the phoenix website and they charged a fee for this update ..

            What do I do?

            Sorry for the delay in replying, but you know, you know, Brazil is in the World Cup.


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              Oh I am really sorry to hear you are having this problem. I regret to say that we provide the hardware to Computer Manufacture and they set their limitations. Due to this we do not have access to their software and the BIOS updates we have are not and do not work with your computer.


              I recommend you contacting a direct support for your motherboard via phone maybe, and try to get information about a free BIOS update or doing a deep search on the internet may help you.


              Kevin M