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    Z87 chipset RAID 5 setup on Windows 8.1(x64 ) Constant reboots.


      I have an HP pc with the Intel Z87 chipset on which I am trying to seup a RAID5 system.


      This consist of three OCZ vertex SSDs and a fresh install of Windows 8.1 ( Directly downloaded from microsoft).


      The issue is that the system constantly reboots. One of the issue is that after a few restarts the RST seems to think that the volume is not a system volume. Also the volume seems to need constant rebuilds. and when ever the RST application is clicked on the system constantly reboots.


      I have tried installing windows using just the windwos disk ( with bundled RAID drivers) as well as installing drivers using additional drivers ( additional drivers ( x64 version ( https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=23496&ProdId=2101&lang=eng&OSVersion=Windows%208.1*&DownloadType=Drivers )   option seems worse).


      Some more details are found on this thread ( http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Hardware/HP-Envy-RAID-5-Intel-Z87-chipset-computer-shuts-down/m-p/4022250#M82038 ).


      All the disks show normal status and after a rebuild the Volume is also normalised.




      At this point first thing I want to know if this *should* work? and then If I am doing something incorrect or is something broken?


      the last time I reinstalled windows, the install order has been ,



      --  enable RAID in BIOS.

      --  Add members to RAID and setup RAID5 as type (64kb strip size ) in Intel firmware utility.

      --  make a fresh USB drive.

      --  boot from the drive and when asked add the Intel drivers ( fromerly known as F6 drivers ).

      --  Install chipset drivers after windows install. ( 10.0.13 I think )

      --  Install ME driver.dont recall what version, but i believe it was the latest available.)

      --  Install Intel RST software (  , have tried previosly ).




      Windows updates for critical updates.