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    D2700DC: on-board video dead, can't see BIOS at all--but Windows still boots....


      I have a D2700DC Dual core Atom mITX Desktop Board (AAG32420-600), which I've had for 2 years approximately.  It still works and even performs well, except for on board video (has DVI and HDMI connectors), which seemed to die a while ago, mysteriously.  I thought little of it and started using a PCI video card at that time.   But the board developed more recently a strange and more annoying problem.  it will show no video (on any port) before the Windows XP login screen.  No Intel Desktop Board splash screen, video during POST sequence or during the initial XP screen.  By no video, I mean no signal at all, not just blank/black screen.  Monitors (i've tried different ones of different types) get no signal and go to sleep.  But once the XP login screen comes up..BOOM.. video.  Then I'm fine and can use the computer completely normally as I am now doing to write this post.  The major problem is I can't use another operating system (I was finally going to upgrade from XP!) or use dual boot for linux, or test bootable thumbdrives, change BIOS settings, or anything else that you'd need BIOS access for.  I'm not sure if keystrokes work for changing the boot device, because I don't know when to type them at boot!   Another problem was that the on board Realtek sound controller stopped working without explanations, but then I flashed the BIOS, and it's working again.  This however did nothing for the video problem.   Because my board only has a spot for PCI cards, and on board video has not been working, the card I am using is a  PCI ATI Radeon 9250 (DVI +VGA) card which works fine. (Removing the card and installing it again doesn't change anything with the on board video).

      I haven't found any similar problems in the intel forums, or anywhere really.

      Hope someone who reads this has some ideas (or maybe I should look into whether I still have the option of warranty service...?)