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    Data encoder for Intel 915GM/GMS, 910GMLExpress graphics chipset




      I just needed some technical info on the graphics chip on my Dell Latitude D610 laptop. Can you tell me what specification is used to encode and transfer the graphics data from the graphics chip to the monitor? The graphics chip is Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS, 910GMLExpress. Reading the spec sheet from Intel for this chipset, it supports LVDS electrical signaling for the digital signals, but it does not specify the encoding scheme used, such as TMDS or FPD-Link II, or something else. Can you tell me which specification is used? Is this documented somewhere?


      I had the Intel specification data sheet for this chip, "Mobile Intel 915 and 910 express Chipset Family of Products," and looked at it fairly closely, but I did not see the info I was seeking. On p. 279, the 1st paragraph in Section 10.10.6, they come close to telling me what I want to know, "The pixel bus data to serial data mapping options are specified elsewhere." Unfortunately, the "elsewhere" is not referenced and it does not appear to be part of the document.


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