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    Problems with monitor that flickers and freezes(Intel NUC I5 4250U Haswell) with Windows 8.1 64-bit



      I recently bought a Intel NUC I5 4250U Haswell and installed with windows 8.1 64-bits and once installation was complete and I tried to sign-on to my account the monitor starts to flicker and freezes the whole system, so that I need to shut down the system by hitting the power-button on the NUC.


      I have a brand new Dell monitor connected through HDMI and mini-HDMI on the NUC.

      I have tried with two differnt monitos, both 24" connected with both HDMI and DP to mini-HDMI on the NUC.


      I´m not even able to update any drivers or connect to windows update, because as soon as I touch mouse or keyboard(connected with USB) the system flickers & freezers and I need to switch off the power.


      I have re-installed the system three times without any difference, please advise what to do?