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    Resolution exceeds maximum bandwidth capacity?


      I attached my information center. I want to do 1280x960 but I cant. Any help?

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          Hi 17kimd,


          I am sorry you are having problems setting the resolution but let me help you.


          Based on the information you have provided, your system is currently running an old graphics driver. So my first advice is to update the graphics driver.


          Here you have the download link to get the latest driver:



          If you have problems during the installation of the driver, you can follow the steps mentioned here:


          Besides updating the graphics driver, another good step is to update the BIOS in your system. 


          If issue persists, can you please attach the dxdiag report and the complete graphics report here?


          How to get it?

          Dxdiag Report: Type dxdiag in Start Menu> open> Save> Copy/Paste here.


          Graphics Report: Right click on desktop> Graphics Properties> Options> Drop Down Menu> Information Center> Save> Open .txt file created> Copy/Paste here.