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    D54250WYK NUC BIOS problem


      There is something wrong with the way D54250 is displaying Visual BIOS in updates 025 and 026. Looks like it is trying to display it in 1920x1200 resolution which is not supported on 16:9 displays so it is not visible. Versions before 025 are showing correctly. I'm attaching images how Visual BIOS looks on 1920x1200 capable monitor before and after version 025.

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          I can confirm this as well. I just fired up my D54250 and it came with BIOS v21 out-of-the-box. Updated immediately to v26 via the BIOS menu and it does look aethestically worse (though I've noticed some more options have appeared.


          Recall reading that this is apparently an intended feature (some monitors can't display low-res which is why the new BIOS displays a resolution of 1080, but scaled (ie, resulting in the box rather than a stretched one). An admin said a fix was on the way, but this was when v25 was considered recent.

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            I don't mind letterbox format or 1080p but something else is wrong. BIOS 025 and 026 are not displaying at all on three different 1080p capable 16:9 TVs. Screenshoots are from Dell 16:10 monitor I used to downgrade to 024 and troubleshoot the issue.

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              Hmm that's interesting...


              I've an AOC 1080p monitor and that displays the BIOS fine (albeit letter-box-style with that white line on the side, like the photo you took of your Dell monitor). My AOC reports a display resoluion of 1920 x 1080 whilst in BIOS.


              Are you using the HDMI port, or the DisplayPort (with a to-HDMI convertor on the end)?

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                You are right. Resolution is 1080p. Problem is refresh rate. I've managed to display BIOS on Sony TV. Looks like it is using 60Hz which was not available on my Grunding TV and Samsung TV/monitor. Do you also have that ugly white line left of BIOS screen?

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                  I was using mini HDMI  - HDMI cable and mini DP - HDMI adapter. Same results.