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    Memory copy using Intel QuickData Technology


      I am doing the experimentation on improving the memory-to-memory copy performance (NIC to memory also, but secondary). I have seen that Intel I/OAT provides the Quickdata technology feature to offload the copies using DMA engine.

      1. I haven't seen many i/oat related discussions in past few years, is it replaced with other more improved technology in new chipsets?

      2. I need the Quickdata technology feature, how can I detect that my processor has Quickdata technology? In lspci, it is not showing anything related to Intel Quickdata Technology.

      3. Which latest system/server should I buy to get the Quickdata Technology feature? If you can tell about NIC to memory copy (similar to TCP/IP offloads in i/oat), that will be very helpful.

      Many thanks in advance.