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    Intel HD 4400 native resolution scaling issues DX11


      It seems I have a similar problem with the one described here:Intel HD Graphics 4000 scaling does not work and here:Re: Latest driver supporting 3rd and 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD/Iris™ Graphics for Microsoft*…


      My system is a Surface 2 Pro (i5-4300u/Intel HD4400). I tested with the official MS drivers (v10.18.10.3431, but from what I gather from the other posts the issue remains with version 3496 as well, and not limited to surface devices). When desktop is in native resolution (1080p), the only option in the Intel HD control panel for the surface screen is "maintain display scaling". In any other resolution there are 2 additional entries, one of them being Scale Full Screen.

      The impact of running games at lower resolution than native is as follows:

      - DX 9 games will be scaled full screen (tested with Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis 4, etc.);

      - DX11 games will not be scaled full screen and will run in a box (Rome II Total War, Civilization V). In order to make it run full screen, I need to switch to any non-native desktop resolution before starting the games, or to actually run the games in dx9 mode.


      Are any fixes coming to this issue? Having to change the desktop resolution every time before launching a game is annoying.