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    DN2820FYK no video on my Sony TV, but works on my monitor.


      I set up my new DN2820FYK yesterday and installed my SSD and Memory. I installed windows 8.1 Pro using my 23" mointor, everything works great. After doing this i plugged it into my Sony TV via HDMI and turned it on, there is no video/POST/anything on my TV. The TV works with my old HTPC on the same HDMI cable.  I have tried 3 different HDMI cables, including the one that worked on my monitor with an HDMI. No video on the TV. I have also tried removing the memory/hard drive with the same results. The NUC does in fact power on, i can hear the Fan and the power button has a steady light on it (no blinking error codes). When I plug it back into the monitor it works, in fact I am typing on it now. Anything else i should try before i return it?