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    SD Card Writing



      i have see that sd.h have a bug so you can´t write on a sd file.

      But now it was fixed so i don´t know which testfile i can use now to write data on it.

      I downloaded the newest softwareversion two weeks ago.

      It ist necessary to load the newest firmware to the board?

      Have sombody a example to write 3 measured values to the board.

      Could someboby help me?




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          Hello Michael,


          There is a read/write example sketch in the SD library.  Is this what you're looking for?  It should work on the last few firmware versions.

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            Yes you need to load the latest firmware to your board, the SD card issue was fixed in the FW 1.0.0. Regarding the example you are requesting, the Datalogger example in the IDE gets 3 Analog values and writes them to a Datalogger.txt file located in the SD card. I hope this helps.