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    DQ45CB serial port header - proper DB9 adapter?


      I understand my board uses the Intel 1to1 pinout, (AT/Everex/NewIntel scheme).  I want to use the serial port for an external telecommunications device.  The enclosed fold-out shows me the header pinout so I assume I should use a straight through DB9.


      edit:  Sorry, I got some things mixed up, so I completely rewrote this question.  I understand the DTK/IBM/OldIntel has been replaced with the Everex scheme which is straight through and that the New Intel  boards now use this scheme... am I correct?  If so, I guess I answer my own question by using the AT/Everex/NewIntel scheme and get an adapter with a straight through DB9 pinout that will connect to the motherboard header in a 1 to 1 relationship.  My original question was about what is the most commonly used serial port configurations, but resolved that with a study of the EIA RS232 standard.  The proof will be in the pudding... when I plug it in it will either work or it won't!


      It is too bad Intel doesn't address this in the mobo instructions.  Just to leave a bare header for the user to figure out is not very helpful.


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