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    The new features in EMGD VBIOS


      Hi all,


      I find there are some changes in the latest EMGD VBIOS, could you please kindly explain the usage of them:

      1. Windows Embedded Compact Settings.

      Whether these settings is only for WEC OS? If I install Windows 7 OS, do I need to modify them?

      2. CRT/EFP Panel Configuration

      This setting could be found in VBIOS kit, but I still don't understand it.In the Note,

      CRT/EFP Panel #1 – #3: used when CRT/EFP configuration is EDIDless in Display Configuration menu.

      CRT/EFP Panel #4 - #16: used in conjunction with Windows Embedded

      Does this mean if I use EDID panel, the CRT/EFP Panel #1 -#3 will not have effect to the display port? What is the meaning of Windows Embedded? I find the DTDs in  #4 - #16 is the same as #1 – #3, whether the DTDs should be modify by myself?


      Thanks & Regards,