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    Learning embedded Linux with Beaglebone




      I would like to learn how to program the Galileo using Linux only. As it is a newish product there are not that may examples and projects. There seems to quite a few for the beaglebone black on youtube - if I bought one and followed that then would it be much the same to implement on the galileo? I understand that there will be some differences but would it be approximatly the same?




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          Generally speaking - it should be very similar, yes - unless you're trying to do something with hardware, specific to the board.


          With any Linux you have more or less the same set of foundational libraries and unless you're doing something tied to hardware, that should be quite transferrable.

          So it depends on the specific thing you're going to program, at the end of the day. If you could provide specific examples you're after, I should be able to advise more specifically.