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    My D54250WYKH does not seem to give any HDMI output


      Hi all,


      I hope i'm at the right address for a support question!.

      I've bought a D54250WYKH - freshly installed it with Windows 8.1, hooked it up to an old Samsung LCD and it worked perfectly. it's hooked up with a mini hdmi to hdmi 1.4 cable.


      Hooking it up to a Samsung lcd LE-52M86B and a Pioneer SC-LX57, both times it gives a continuous non-signal message on the Tv.


      What i tried to fix this is the following:


      • Different HDMI ports on the receiver and television.
      • Different HZ  / resolution settings on the Nuc.
      • Downloading the latest graphics drivers for this Nuc.
      • Flashed to bios .026


      Now ive heard of HDMI handshake protocols in older bios versions of the NUC could it be the D54250WYKH has the same quirks?

      Could a mini displayport to hdmi possibly solve my issues? or will i run into the same problem? or maybe you have other idea's for me to troubleshoot /resolve the issue.


      Thx in advance for your efforts,

      Kind Regards,