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    Intel 520 SSD encryption issue (urgent)


      Hey everyone, really looking for help with this since  I cant lose my data..


      I have an Intel 520 SSD that I have encrypted. I bought an Intel motherboard specifically so that it would support the encryption feature. Ive always taken a lot of caution with it (removing the encryption before formatting etc...)


      I just bought a new computer a new computer case and moved my computer into it. Now when I boot the computer (the intel 520 ssd is the only hdd plugged in and has the OS etc on it), it says it cannot find a valid boot device. I go to my BIOS settings and find that my supervisor password is not set... (its somehow forgotten it as ive moved the computer to the new case?) no wonder I cant boot to the drive. So I set the supervisor password as the password that is the encryption password for the SSD. No luck, the BIOS doesnt seem to recognise that the SSD is encrypted and needs a password. It just sees the device as unbootable since its encrypted. I know the password, how can I unlock my SSD and start using it again?



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          Hello Nickz93, I do understand the inconvenience you have faced and I will be more than glad to assist you.

          My suggestion for this kind of behavior is to connect the SSD to the computer where you set up the encryption and delete or disable the password. Have you tried that?


          The reason why the SSD cannot be use on the new motherboard could be related to the chipset of the board.


          Also make sure the SSD is connected to the SATA port 0.



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            Encryption failed when the system components were moved to a new casing.

            Same hardware components, except for new video card installed.



            1. Used the old video card

            2. Plugged the SSD to SATA port with Intel Controller resolved the issue.


            Intel DZ77RE-75K

            SATA Controllers

            Marvell - Gray SATA ports

            Intel - Blue/Black SATA ports



            When the system was transferred to the new casing, SSD was mistakenly plugged to the SATA port using Marvell Controllers - Gray SATA port.


            This is posted as reference for users experiencing the same issue. 

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              Thanks for the information Sandra1111