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    Does anyone know how to download drives?


      I've formatted my notebook a while ago, and I have tried downloading and installing my NVIDIA video drivers but they require me to download and update my intel drivers first. All good, all well, but whenever I try to download it, i simply cant!. I run the "analyzing your computer" the homepage requires every time i get on it. It runs for hours and hours but gets me no results. I have even tried the manual download, but even if i input the information it requires me in all slots and it "finds" me a download, whenever i click on the link it redirects me to a disclaimer with no download links. What can I do to download the needed drivers?

      I need to download the drivers to my CORE I7 processor, on my notebook.

      I would be glad if anyone could help me.   


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          Hi GuiNehls,


          I am sorry you are having problems getting the driver for your controller but let I will do my best to help you.


          The information you have provided is very helpful but I think I will need some more about your system configuration.


          Can you please attach here your dxdiag report and your graphics report?


          How to get it?

          Dxdiag Report: Type dxdiag in Start Menu> open> Save> Copy/Paste here.


          Graphics Report: Right click on desktop> Graphics Properties> Options> Drop Down Menu> Information Center> Save> Open .txt file created> Copy/Paste here.