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    Firmware 26 for Haswell Nuc - still massive problems with USB 3.0 connections at bootup


      How is it possible that you still haven't solved the USB 3.0 isssues?


      - recognising USB 3.0 HW on startup fails almost ALWAYS!!!

         --> "workaround": unplug the stick / pen drive, restart, push F10 and hope the Nuc finds it next time

      - booting up from a USB 3.0 fails in 80% of the cases


      - another issue: every 2 or 3 times the bootup process on my nuc fails at all, even when trying to boot into windows 8


      - network speeds in Win 8.1 are low (35 - 75 MB/sec), in Openelec over 80 Mb/sec. And yes, I'm using the newest LAN driver



      Please solve this problems at last! I'm very dissapointed with this product!