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    wireless N 6235


      I just got a new NUC with N 6235 card, installed windows8 and the networks connection keeps disconnecting pretty often, if I try disable/enable the device, it will crash the windows == BSOD :-(
      I tried updating the driver version which is reported to be 15.*, but for some reason, even after installing 16.*, it keeps reporting 15.*
      The card also barely provide 2-3MB/s - which is is about 20-30Mb/s, which is pretty lousy. old wireless USB that I tried on same location give 3 times the speed

      Any suggestion, or is this just a ****** product?

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          Hello Tamiroquai, I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your system.

          Would you  please let me know which is the model number of the NUC you are using? I would recommend you to update the BIOS of your NUC, but first tell me which is the current version.


          The Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software driver versions will depends on the operating system. Please check following picture, it will show you  the version that will appears when you installed the driver version 16.11.0. Additional information could be found at this URL http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/sb/CS-034315.htm


          wireless driver version.JPG


          You can also check if the adapter needs a firmware updated.

          If you continue having issues, please contact our customer support department for additional information on replacing your product if it is still under warranty.



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            Hi Sylvia,

            Appreciate your response, my NUC model is D54250WYK and it is running windows 8.1, I bought it and the card couple months ago (btw: from epp, as I work for Intel my self).

            I just found today a later version of the exe file (16.11) and installed it, it indeed have the version specified above, I installed it and will probably know if that helps within couple hours.

            Can you tell me how to check my BIOS version, whether I need to update it and how?


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              After one day with the latest driver, I had no hangouts, connection speed is also x4 than before (not the POR, but much better now).


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                Excellent, I’m glad to know it worked.