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    SD boot and PCIE issue


      I have salvaged an ATHEROS mini PCIe card from my old laptop. My galileo was working fine previously until I booted it from bigger image on SD card formatted with FAT-32 8 GB micro sd. The sd dediacted on board LED though blinked few times on booting but i couldnt program the board after it. it shows uploading denied and cant even see galileo com port in my device manager. I am using latest IDE and firmware. How to check if i have made correct linux image? Is ATHEROS card compatible with galielo? I used linux PCIEon  my laptop and this card woked their. Also do i need to install additional drivers or anything? How to get it working?

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          Greetings iAyan


          Which image are you using exactly? Regarding the wifi card, it might work, you just have to find the linux drivers for it and install them manually in the folder /lib/firmware. But keep in mind that the wifi card we recommend is the Centrino 135 and it works out of the box since the drivers are already installed.