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    Intel HD graphics 4000 help


      Hi everyone,

      I recently assembled a system


      i7 3770 processor ivy bridge

      DH77EB motherboard

      8gb corsair vengeance Ram

      Windows 7 ultimate OS

      It booted and worked fine, but when I installed Intel HD graphics 4000 driver and restarted, the display is messed up and can't see anything, just color lines.

      Had to manual reset.

      System works fine if Intel HD graphics is disabled(Disabled the HD graphics in safe mode) or if i uninstall it

      Is this a problem with the monitor which is a Samsung SyncMaster 732 plus with vga port. I'm using a converter to connect it to my mobo which only has DVI and HDMI slot.

      If its a problem with Intel HD graphics how do I solve it?

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          Hi Gamerguy,


          I am sorry you are having problems with the system but let me help you.


          Based on your description I want you to try the following steps:

          1. Try a different HDMI cable (better Quality if possible).
          2. Is there any way to test another processor with similar graphics controller in your computer?
          3. What happens when you do not connect the computer to the TV? Is the image good?


          You also can try installing the latest driver for your controller. Here you can download the driver:


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            Hi Kevin,


            1.  I'm not using a HDMI cable, I have connected the system only to monitor not TV

            2. I think the problem is with (Intel DH77EB) motherboard graphics, since i only face that problem when i install the driver for motherboard graphics(Intel HD 4000).

            3. I'm not connecting it to the TV. Just the monitor.


            Right now, i have installed the graphics driver but have it disabled. If i enable it and restart, it wont allow me to proceed beyond windows 7 logo, after which the display is filled with color lines and nothing works. Even the keyboard and mouse power down.

            The intel driver update utility tool says i already have the latest version of the graphics driver, so i didn't try the driver you mentioned

            Product DetectedIntel® HD Graphics 4000
            Current Driver Installed


            Is there anyway to resolve the issue, because the system is pretty new and i don't want to claim warranty and get a reconditioned board

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              This not necessarily can be the motherboard but the processor. If you are not using HDMI, you may be using DVI so let’s try a different DVI cable. Most of the times, when having blurry colors and weird image the cable can be affecting the performance.


              Also a good step is to test a different processor (if possible). The motherboard could be working fine but the processor can be affected (not very common but it is a possibility).