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    Updated my display driver on my Intel HD 3000 graphics, now nothing runs.


      I created this account because this has become a huge hassle for me. I understand the HD 3000 was NOT made for running games at max FPS, but right now, it's the best I have. I was not impressed with what I was getting graphics wise, so I decided to install the latest driver for the Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics. I hadn't updated the driver since I bought this laptop (Toshiba Satellite L755) a few years back.

      So, after I updated the driver, I went to go play some games, hoping to get a tiny boost in graphics quality, but what I got was a black screen with no audio. I can't even CTRL+ALT+DEL out of it, I have to put the laptop to sleep and wake it up again to access the task manager. A few of the games I love to play the most (Arma 2, Minecraft, etc.) either run in windowed mode to start out with or let me have the option to start the game in fullscreen or in windowed first, but the windowed experience is MUCH less satisfying.

      So far, I've tried downgrading my drivers, etc., but nothing works at ALL. What can I do?