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    Intel DX79TO USB 3 connected hard drive disconnects constantly



      I own a DX79TO intel motherboad

      Running on win 7 64

      AA Number AAG28805

      BIOS version Intel Corp. SIX7910J.86A.0650.2014.0307.0138

      (I updated the bios recently. )



      Using a new Segate External Hard drive -


      connected to  the rear usb 3 port, the hardrive is RAID 0.


      Unfortunately after a minute of use the drive disconnects and then reconnects ruining what ever i was doing with the drive (copying for example).

      The drive works perfectly on different systems. (my laptop and a friends pc)

      Trying to install the newst USB 3.0: Renesas Electronics* USB 3.0 Firmware Updates says "device not found"


      please assist

      Oren Griffin