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    DZ68ZV not recognizing Radeon HD7950


      hey all,


      last week Ive bought some parts (dz68zv board and i5 3570) to upgrade my PC, however, now I am facing some problems.


      my setup:

      corsair CX600 PSU

      i5 3570


      Club 3d Radeon 7950 royalqueen


      when I try to start my PC it first will show me the Intel screen (where I am able to choose for the bios mode etc)

      after this (when my motherboard shows 00 = hand-off to OS) I get a black screen and a "0_" in the right lower corner of my screen


      I also tried starting my PC using a "weaker older" graphics card, the Radeon 5450.

      with this card I was able to install windows and run the updates etc on the PC, as well as the amd drivers.


      when swapping the graphics cards (since I really want to use my gaming one) the post boot screen shows the "0_" again


      what I've tried:

      - different pci x16 slots, 1 shows the bios that it's a x8 card, the other will recognize it as a x16 (it also recognizes it's an AMD card)

      - different bios settings on the graphics card (both original and club3d boost)

      - the bios of the dz68zv is up to date

      - installing drivers for the graphics card

      - the intel screen shows a 5A in the corner when the gaming card is in the pci slot



      I am sure that both the graphics card and the PSU work, I took them from my older Q6600 setup where they always have been functioning great.


      can someone help me out?