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    Dual boot problem DX79TO




      I have a problem, I have board model DX79TO and installed Windows 8.1 on two disks with RAID 0, now, I bought a 128gb SSD disk to configure Windows 7 in dual bot but in not working, if start setup of the Windows 7 from the Windows 8 show problem to driver (maybe sata or raid) if I start the installation by giving bot DVD also same problem. I tried all possible drivers and I can not, can someone help me?


      Adicional information:


      In my BIOS this set configuration to RAID, if change to AHCI, Win7 its work but my Windows 8 no (installed in RAID 0).


      I need to dual boot with RAID configuration in BIOS setup, help me please.




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          Thanks for coming back to the communities.

          If I understand correctly, you have set up Windows 8.1 on two disks with RAID 0 and you have purchased another SSD drive to install Windows 7 on it.

          At this stage, you need to start by installing Windows 7 first on your SSD. Whenever you are going to do dual boot, always the earliest operating system is installed first.

          Change BIOS settings to RAID. Every time you change SATA modes, you need to reinstall the operating system.