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    Rapid StorageTechnology error


      I have recently upgraded my hp pavilion ultrabook 14-b005sa from 4gb to 8gb, I followed the procedure in the manual exactly and when i booted up again everything seemed normal, i was using the 8gb memory ok, then all of a sudden i got a message sying that rapid storage technology does not seem to be enabled. i rebooted and although the speed of the reboot hadn't changed I still got the message, i get the message every time i reboot but i can still access the rapid storage technology manager and it says everything is activated and working and also it is enabled in BIOS. I can only assume that this error occurred as a result of disconnecting the hdd during the memory upgrade and i also noticed that i had to reactivate my copy of office 2010 for some reason. Any ideas why i get the error message and how i can stop it popping up, its so annoying even though laptop appears to be working fine and booting very quickly.

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          Hi chrisroberts37,


          I understand you are having problems with the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology but let me help you.


          It is very strange that this is happening after the memory upgrade but there are some steps I want you to try:


          1. Update the BIOS.
          2. Install the latest Management Engine provided by your Computer Manufacture.
          3. Test the system with the same memory than before (4GB).


          Adding more memory In the system should not affect the system in anything else but performance.


          Besides the steps above, you can try disabling the notifications under the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology > Preferences Tab.