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    Q57chipset with 2x1TB HDD + 1x3Tb hdd


      Dear All


             Following this case https://communities.intel.com/thread/18683


      <<< latest Intel Rapid Storage does not have support for 3tb hard disk drives on RAID mode. Only for AHCI. Future releases of the Intel® Rapid Storage software will support >2TB hard drives on RAID.


      Note that the latest RAID software is version>>>>



      I using windows 7 32bit with raid 1 with 2x WD RE 1TB hdd and non raid mode 1x WD RE 3TB hdd, i had 5 pcs pc got same problem the 3TB hdd always unstable

      create /copy file to 3B hdd is ok, system freeze when del any file(can't del),    cos 2x hdd running  raid mode and 3Tb hdd under mass storage driver, so i can't change back to AHCI driver, but q57 latest RST version still have not any update, so what can i do? thank you