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    Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 N-band Issue



      I recently obtained a laptop that contains a Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 wireless card and the network speeds are incredible slow. This is actually my second laptop, as the first one I returned due to experiencing similar issues.

      Network Details

      • 2.4GHZ
      • WPA2-Personal
      • N band with a throughput of 600mb/s
      • Netgear R7000 router/access point

      The Problem

      • Pings to the router would take anywhere from 4ms-3000ms, and even time out
      • Download speeds would max out around 50kb/s

      What I've Tried

      • Upgraded and downgraded the drivers (Current driver is
      • Used another router/access point. (The old router was a linksys dir-655)


      The Temporary Fix

      • Switching the network to have a throughput of 289mb/s fixes the issue, but this is not an ideal solution.


      I believe it may be a driver issue, but am not sure. Any advice/help you can offer is greatly appreciated.