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    dx79sr post code 00 fail to boot, no f2 no f10 to bios screen


      I have had this rig for the last year.  This morning it was powered up but would not wake up.  Rebooted to get a 0_ in lower right corner.  Rebooted after pulled power five + times, sometimes POST code 00 or 69.  Cannot get into Bios at this point.  I pulled the battery and am letting it sit for an hour.  i will relocate the usb mouse and keyboard and will retry.  I have another system so i can pull parts and troubleshoot.


      System has worked flawless for the last year.



      intel 3970

      msi gtx760 4gb

      16 gb kingston xtream 2400mhz

      samsung pro ssd

      windows 8.1

      900 watt antec pro gamer power