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    v1 Modular Server - Compute Module Boot Issues


      We have a MFSYS25 v1 that has is having sporadic issues when we reboot a compute module. Sometimes when a compute module reboots (all of them are MFS5520VI) it can't find a boot device. The previous admin would reboot the entire chassis to resolve this issue. The chassis is running firmware version 6.10.


      I have seen it on the v2 chassis that sometimes when you do a firmware update it can't find the boot device for a compute module. In that case the SCM affinity flips to SCM2 even though none of the modular servers we use have a second SCM. Setting it back to normal fixes it for the time being. I haven't been able to confirm that this is the same issue on this chassis because we don't have this issue every time we reboot.


      If anyone has any thoughts on this I would be interested in hearing them as official support for this model has ended.