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    D54250WYK USB 3.0 Driver Problem


      We just purchased some Intel D54250WYK NUC's this past week with Crucial 248GB mSATA drives and 2 4G Crucial Memory Sticks. We use WDS to deploy Windows 7 64 bit images in our network so I downloaded the the Intel NUC D54250WYK Driver Bundle and loaded all of the drivers in the bundle into WDS. When I imaged the machine, it installed the OS successfully but my keyboard or mouse would not work in any of the usb 3.0 ports. I then installed Win7 64 bit manually from a flash drive and was then able to use the keyboard and mouse. Once I installed all the drivers from the bundle and ran all the latest windows updates and rebooted, I did not have my keyboard and mouse working anymore again. I was not receiving no lights on the keyboard or mouse. I then saw on your forum that on another discussion that a different NUC model had the same issue which was fixed by updating the bios. I updated the bios to version 0026 to see if that would fix the issue and I was able to get my mouse and keyboard back working again. I then tried to reimage the same NUC with WDS to see if the NUC would now work once it had been imaged properly and I received no keyboard and mouse again. I have disabled USB drivers in my WDS drivers database and I am going to try and reimage tomorrow to see if not installing the drivers in the image will grant me access keyboard and mouse again.


      I have keyboard and mouse in bios and bootup, just not in the OS. If there are any other suggestions on how to remedy this issue, please let me know. Thank You.


      Jason Ross