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    Intel AC 7260 bluetooth audio not working


      We just purchased 6 of the Intel AC 7260 through Amazon. The wifi works great, however we are unable to get bluetooth over audio working.

      I've tried the generic windows drivers, I've tried the newest and oldest Intel drivers, and I've tried the drivers directly from Dell (Precision M6800 Windows 7 64bit).

      Under Devices & Printers, we are able to pair a bluetooth speaker. It will do the initial connect and install drivers.

      However, once it's done that it is no longer paired. The device is sometimes solid colored and sometimes grayed out (double clicking reveals "disconnected" and clicking "connect" results in a failure). If I leave the speaker on, it will intermittently (every few minutes) make a jingle as if it reconnected, but then the light will blink showing it isn't paired.

      I've tested this on one other bluetooth speaker and one other bluetooth headset device. In addition, I've tested this on 2 units.


      Below is a screenshot of device manager. Note that Bluetooth Remote and Bluetooth Hands-free Audio give Code 10.