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    Question re spider kenny's wifi blog :)


      Hi there,


      I'm following Spider Kenny's blog for setting up Wifi on my board through the terminal. http://www.spider-e.com/wp/?p=180

      I've connected through the terminal.


      About half way down the instructions it says


      "Using your favourite text editor add the following lines to the interfaces file."


      # Wireless interfaces

      auto wlan0

      iface wlan0 inet dhcp

      wpa-driver wext

      wpa-ssid <SSID>

      wpa-proto RSN

      wpa-pairwise CCMP

      wpa-group CCMP

      wpa-key-mgmt WPA-PSK

      wpa-psk <KeyFromPreviousInstruction>


      This might be a very silly question - but how do you actually do this??? Would I copy this text into a notepad file? How do I get it onto the board?




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